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Entry #1

Hey All!!

2009-07-13 17:14:59 by Megadarkly

How's everybodys life going so far.....GREAT!! is everybody..I wanna know.


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2009-07-13 17:16:05

I'm fine, thanks for asking. :P


2009-07-13 17:18:02

Your welcome... :) I just thought there needed to be some conversations finally!


2009-07-13 20:33:51

HAH!!! I knew somebody would say something like that....anyway... wow.....well what is everybody interested in now in the flash what type of genre?


2009-07-13 21:20:27

great, and flash portal genre, acton, or anything with blood and people geting killed.

Megadarkly responds:

yea...i love seeing things explode......and blood and guts go all over the main character and the main character is a psycho!! >:)


2009-07-14 18:00:45

i dislike the spammy idiots who dont give any new flash artist a chance

and how am i???


last week, you left my house after 4 days of playing unreal tournament and writing/voiceing flashes

and now its time for band practice