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so one time I walked into a bar and it hurt...

2010-04-11 14:35:51 by Megadarkly

once my concussion ended i decided im going to make a flash with my friend and decided.... hey.....why dont i just marry this flash....

so then the turd today and we happy


smells like porkchops!!!

does your dad cook?

I have writers block. :(

2009-08-01 02:02:01 by Megadarkly

Can somebody tell me anything ideas to probably get me started on something?

Yep...theyre pretty wierd looking..

Here are some ghoul monsters i drew...

Here is a super hero.

2009-07-31 02:47:00 by Megadarkly

Yea i worked pretty hard on this one. All of my drawings are meant to be just pencil. What about this drawing of a concept super hero?

Here is a super hero.

It's the Doom3 Cyberdemon.

heres a drawing of mine! What do you think?

Hey All!!

2009-07-13 17:14:59 by Megadarkly

How's everybodys life going so far.....GREAT!! is everybody..I wanna know.